Can you save Bad Photos #1 by Gregory Welch

This is the beginning of a series where I am going to explore the capabilities of mobile photo editing on the iPad.  The tools I will use for this series are:  iPad Air with Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Touch and an iPhone 6 Plus taking the photos.  No other apps will be used to edit the photos.  

My first question is:  Can Lightroom Mobile save a bad picture?  Subject number one is a photo I took out my office window.  The photo is skewed, poorly lit, shot thru glass with glare, and of a dull subject.  With this starting point, can I pull out enough light and color in the subject to present a decent photo?  

Original Image:


Camera:  iPhone 6 Plus

Lens:  iPhone

Exposure:  1/220 sec

Aperture:  f/2.2

Focal Length:  4.15mm

ISO Speed:  32

Image after Lightroom Mobile:


Image after Photoshop Touch:



I am really impressed.  The ability to balance the lighting and color in Lightroom Mobile and the ability to clean up a few problem areas with Photoshop Touch worked really well.  While it is true a well composed image would have turned out much better, every once in a while we capture images that are less than ideal.  Working with these "non-stellar" images as opposed to perfectly lit and composed images teaches us what is possible in post-process editing and where we need to push to capture "The Shot" in camera.